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Published works
Here references to the first publications of my works are collected.
- About a military history of Russia
- About harm of national heroism
- About an origin of ethnos rus
- What the genius Peter the Great has created?
- About types of civilizations Transleited
- And endless battle?
- Doubling of crisis a la Russ
- Fatal territory
- Forward to an apocalypse or back to Huntington?
- Mona Lisa in a yashmak
- Russian great-powerness and logic sociology
- United and avos. Russia and USA: we compare identity
Political science
- And in a condition advertising Intoxicationá...  New
- Come back Putin
- Two receptions against a breakage or the "newest" technologies of voters in the postSoviet period
- Foolish question of the Russian political science
- To change or disappear?
- Temptation of democrats
- National safety and "new" political thinking
- New thinking and global safety
- The opposition itself offers people to engage in the destiny, and the state offers to not worry in this occasion
- About old and new problems of a civil society
- About sovereign democracy and system compatibility
- Displaying of geopolitic accidents
- About female love and hatred to political leaders
- About the politician high and low
- About lawful consciousness in a tribe mumbu-jumbu
- About humanistic education
- About a pragmatism and cynicism in foreign policy
- About Khodorkovskiy and initial accumulation of the capital
- About an origin not people
- About destiny of reforms in Russia
- Duly anniversary
- I the Russian, who I am?
- You casually do not know, who will protect constitutional build in our country?
- Joseph Stalin has confirmed Georges Bush's correctness Transleited
- Global elites and conflicts
- For what we should protect Putin?
- How to us to destroy Russia?
- How to us to destroy Russia-2 New
- Caucasus before me
- The constitution in a bucket?
- From national Utopia to national idea
- Pluralism of mass media - immunity of a society
- Russia - 300 years of loneliness
- Russia without corruption?
- Russia in searches of identity (the stenogram 22.12.2004)
- Salt of a politics
- Tired by construction
- The Russian tradition and the Russian future
- Show, which else will shake the world New
- Tricks of official ideology
- The Senegalese student and national pride Russian
- Trap for Fatherland
- Where Putin in 2008 will work?
- Whether there is at us a strategy of national development?
- Whether Russia as a civilization is competitive?
- Whether there is a political life in Russia?
- Whether it is possible to reform Russia?
- Why we are loyal to the elites?
- With tsar in the chapter without tsar in a head?
- Why I do not believe in the light future of Russia?
- Returning of gods or the new racial theory Transleited
- Matrix - forever?
- On a threshold of new ethics
- About a picture of the world
- About the correct and wrong order of a thing
- Philosophy of life
- The formula of the Apocalypse Transleited
Economic crisis. The theory of a question
- Crisis of capitalism? No, the end to illusions! New
- ╠╠╠ on a spit
- About correct and not the correct order of things
- Business vs a policy New
- Doubling of crisis a la Russ

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