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My book «To understand Russia»
You want to understand Russia?
Read the book which will help you with it

  The book «To understand Russia» is of interest for experts in the field of political science, sociology, and also the broad audience of the readers who are were interested in a problem of formation of Russian national identity, features of the Russian sociopolitical organization, and also historical prospects of Russia.
  Research enables the Russian reader to give deeply and widely proved answer to immemorial questions which even time in life were set to itself in the slightest degree formed(educated) and not indifferent to destiny of people and the country by the person: « who we, whence came and where we go?».
  In this book you will not find sensational hypotheses designed striking the reader with beautiful and bright imagination on a theme of our national destiny, but actually not having anything general that really happened and occurs to us.
  In it there are no gamble on the national vanity, stimulating ignorant national complacency.
  In this book extreme concrete and objective analysis of destiny of the Russian nation, allowing soberly to estimate roots of our national problems and possible(probable) ways of their decision.
  The book is of interest also for the politicians, aspiring to bring real benefit to the country, the businessmen building the business in view of the Russian specificity.
  In the submitted work the author in the popular form reflects on roots of an ethnic accessory(belonging) Russian, about formation and features of Russian identity, how there was in Russia a system of statehood and about its evolution.
  In this book you will find interesting ideas about a military history of Russia, the answer to questions: what there are our Russian open spaces - the national blessing or our fate and whether Russia as a civilization is competitive?

Table of contents

  • Who we, Russian?
  • The Russian identity
  • Historical preconditions of formation of identity
  • Calling Warangians
  • Acceptance of the Byzantian variant of christianity
  • Mongolo-tatar yoke
  • Choice the East - the West
  • Moscow - the third Rome or the successor of khans?
  • Ivan IV
  • What the genius Peter the Great has created?
  • Evolution of system from itself up to now
  • About a military history of Russia
  • Fatal territory
  • National idea
  • Whether Russia as a civilization is competitive?
  • Trap for Russia or about methods of modernization
To order electronic variant of the book just write to the address specified in «Contacts».

Cost of the book is 10 $

Buy electronic variant of the book and you will help me to issue its typographical way.
Thank you!

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