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Georgiy Kireev
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I always had a sensation, that the life only begins
Date of a birth: 25.02.1956

Georgiy Kireev Was born in the city of Verkhnedneprovsk (Ukraine)
On graduating of the eighth class of high school has acted in technical school of miner automatics. Has finished it obtained a distinction in 1975. The technologist of mountain mechanical engineering has received a speciality
Served in the Soviet army.
AAfter the termination of military service has acted in the High Komsomol school at Central Committee VLKSM on faculty of history. VKSH finished with a red diploma in 1981 and was directed in Karelia in Kostomuksha.
Worked as the loader, the sanitary technician, the mechanic on repair of the mountain equipment, the first secretary of city committee VLKSM of the city of Kostomuksha, the teacher of history, the adviser of director of institute in the city of Kandahar (Afghanistan 19850-86), the journalist, the editor-in-chief of the city television company, read lectures for students of high schools.
Member of the union of journalists of Russia
Created informal public organization " Democratic initiative " in the city of Kostomuksha
It was selected the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Kareliya
I am married and happy in marriage. I have the son and the daughter.
In 2004 became the winner of the third premium of competition " Ideas for Russia "
On October, 8th, 2006 I was elected by the deputy of Soviet of city district Kostomuksha

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