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Simple truth
In the World all is arranged easier, than you even suspect
Simple truth
Who will rescue Russia from drugs?

Recently I could take part in the public discussion, devoted to patriotism. Already right at the end, when all were uttered, a word has taken the man in the form of and has delivered a speech about intrigues of the USA which flood our country with the Afghani heroin. Fortunately retorts from an audience nevertheless were based that nothing to search everywhere for plot against Russia, and is better to look at itself more objectively. Eventually, not the American spies spoil at our entrances? In this connection curious data it is possible to find in the report of management of the United Nations on drugs and the criminality published on October, 21st of this year. Russia consumes the fifth part from the world volume of manufacture of heroin. Experts of the United Nations inform, that for last 10 years the quantity of addicts in the Russian Federation has increased in 10 times, and now they consume from 75 up to 80 tons of the Afghani heroin a year. It in 3,5 times is more, than cumulative consumption of heroin in the USA and Canada (about 20 tons) and almost twice is more, than in China which is the second-largest commodity market of a drug (45 tons). But here that directs at sad ideas: the Russian law enforcement bodies withdraw only 4 percent of the heroin acting in the country. It is much less, than in Iran (20 percent) and Pakistan (17 percent). So the low interest of interception of drugs can be explained either lack of talent of our bodies or corruption. But in any case, ourselves we poison themselves, allowing this infection unpunishedly to get into our country. So who all the same can protect Russia from drugs if its law enforcement bodies do not cope with it?

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