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Simple truth
In the World all is arranged easier, than you even suspect
Simple truth
Vectors of development of Russia

At definition of strategy of development of the country important precisely to define adequate to its real condition and trends of the purpose. Especially when pretentious problems - leaderships, transformations into the international center of the development leading the player in the sanction of regional conflicts, a new pole into global attitudes, etc. are put Inadequacy of such problems can lead to opposite result. Directed on the decision of such problems resources will be deduced from those directions of national development which create real potential of the nation, provide weightiness of its influence, and also form and strengthen elements of competitive social and economic and political system. In other words, directed not there where it is necessary and not when it is necessary a national resource can aggravate even more backlog of the country from competitors and undermine the rests of its influence on a course of world development. That it has not occured, at a stage of development of decisions it is necessary to estimate real trends of the nation objectively. On it my new project Trends of Russia also is directed

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